Chess Lessons For Players of All Ages and Skill Levels

Hello everyone, my name is Lyubo and I have been playing chess for over ten years now. Some of you may have seen me at chess tournaments or around the chess community. I am quite passionate about the game of chess, and I wish to help others improve and develop the skills necessary to become successful and strong all- around chess players! I will give lessons to players of any age or skill level, no requirements are necessary. My official USCF rating is 2100.I am National Champion for 2012 and Florida State Champion 2013.

I am available for lessons any time after 3:00 pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Location: 494 44 Ave North, Saint Petersburg ,FL 33703(special room dedicated for lessons)

Cost: 40 Dollars per Hour

I have material and advice to offer on all parts of the chess game, including numerous chess videos to watch at home, chess engines to practice with, interactive computer programs, puzzles, explanatory handouts outlining what we're currently focusing on, and several other helpful tools for improvement.

To Contact Me:
Text/Call- (727)-687-9262
Email- [email protected]